RESOLUTIONS are a brief, terse method of expressing the opinions and sentiments of a company of people relative to any subject which it is desirable to discuss or place on record.

They are applicable to nearly any subject, and should be characterized by the utmost brevity consistent with a clear expression of the idea sought to be conveyed.

Resolutions Complimenting A Teacher

"At the close of Mr. Hall's writing school, lately in session at Springfield, which was very fully attended, numbering over one hundred pupils, Prof. Hamilton, Principal of Springfield Academy, offered the following preamble and resolutions, which were unanimously adopted :

"Whereas, Prof. Geo. B. Hall, in giving instruction in penmanship to a very large and interesting class in this place, has given most unbounded satisfaction as a teacher of writing, therefore:

"Resolved, That, as a teacher and penman he is pre-eminently superior, changing as he does the poorest scribblers almost invariably into beautiful penmen, during his course of lessons.

"Resolved, That his lectures on epistolary correspondence, punctuation, use of capital letters, and the writing of business forms, of themselves are worth infinitely more than the cost of tuition in his schools.

"Resolved, That we recommend him to the people of the entire country, as a teacher whose schools will be found a great intellectual good in any community so fortunate as to secure his services.

"Resolved, That, while we thank him for the very efficient instruction given this class here, we tender him a cordial invitation to visit our city again, professionally, at his earliest convenience."

Resolutions Complimenting A Public Officer Upon Retirement

"Whereas, the retirement of our esteemed fellow citizen, --------------, from the office of------, presents a suitable opportunity for expressing the esteem in which we hold him as a faithful and courteous public servant; therefore, be it

"Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting and the community are due to-------, for the able and impartial manner in which he has uniformly performed his public duties, and that we sincerely regret his determination to retire from public life.

"Resolved, That he carries with him, on leaving the position which he has so satisfactorily filled, the regard and good wishes of all who had occasion to transact official business with him.

"Resolved, That his late associates in office regard his return to private life as a loss to them, while they sincerely hope that it will prove a gain to him, and trust that his future will be as bright and prosperous as he can anticipate or desire.

"Resolved, That the secretary of the meeting be requested to transmit to him the preamble and resolutions adopted on this occasion.

Resolutions Complimenting A Captain Of A Steamer On A Successful Voyage

"At a meeting of the cabin passengers of the steamship

------, Captain - : - , arrived at this port from------, on the inst., the following preamble and resolution were unanimously adopted:

"In token of our grateful remembrance of the watchful seamanship and agreeable social qualities displayed by Captain ------and his officers during our late voyage from------ to this port; be it

"Resolved, That if skill in navigation, urbane and gentlemanly attention to the wants and wishes of the passengers, and a sound, swift, and comfortable vessel, are among the essentials of a pleasant voyage, then we have reason to congratulate ourselves on having crossed the sea in the good ship-------, Captain-------; that we tender to him, and to all the officers of the vessel, our thanks for the kindness with which they administered to our comfort; that we commend the ship, her appointments, her commander, and his subordinates, to the favor of the voyaging public, because we are of opinion that they deserve it; and, that we hereby request the gentleman acting as secretary of this meeting to see that a copy of this testimonial be placed in the hands of Captain-------."

(Signed by-------, etc.)

Resolutions Thanking A Conductor, And Commending A Railway

"At a meeting of the passengers on the Palace Sleeping and

Dining Car------, nearing their journey's end, June 2, 1872, at

------, the following preamble and complimentary resolutions were unanimously adopted:

"Whereas, It has been the good fortune of the persons comprising this meeting to make a safe, quick, and most delightful passage from------to------, over the------railroad; therefore be it

"Resolved, That our thanks are due, and are hereby tendered, to the

Conductor of the Palace Car-------, for the numerous favors received at his hand throughout the journey; and we commend him for the many gentlemanly and agreeable qualities which characterize him as a man, and eminently fit him for the position he now holds.

"Resolved, That commendation is especially due the railroad company for the excellent accommodations furnished travelers in their comfortable and luxurious coaches, and the superior condition of the track and road-bed, which is so smooth that the traveler rides over the same resting with almost as much ease and pleasure as when seated in his own parlor.

Specimen Of Resolutions Engrossed With A Pen.



Suitable for Forming Associations, Remonstrance, On the Departure of Friends, Expression of Wishes, etc.

Resolutions at a Temperance Meeting.

"Mr. Chairman : Your committee on resolutions respectfully submit the following :-

"Whereas, The saloons of this city are being kept open at all hours of the day and night, in violation of the ordinances governing the same; and

"Whereas, Drunkenness is evidently on the increase, in consequence of the total lack of necessary legal restraint, which should close their doors at proper hours of night, and Sundays; therefore, be it