MISS Williams : I am appointed by the pupils of this school to present you, in their name, this volume - a cyclopedia of poetry, containing the poetic gems of ancient and modern times.

In presenting this testimonial, I assure you in behalf of your pupils that, as a patient teacher, a wise counselor and a most excellent instructor, you will ever be remembered by the students of this school with feelings of the highest regard and esteem.

We look back over the period during which we have received instruction from you with sincere pleasure We recollect your efforts in our behalf with grateful remembrance, and we learned of your intended resignation as a teacher, and the leaving of this school, with sincere regret.

In the turning of the pages of this volume you will, we hope, be reminded of those who presented it. In that remembrance of us please do not recollect the dullness we have often shown, and the disobedience, we fear, we have sometimes manifested. But please remember that we shall strive, in the hereafter, to profit by the instruction you have given, and when we are far separated from each other, it may please you to know that we consider that we are better and wiser from the instruction we have received from you.

Response Of The Teacher

My Dear Pupils: I receive and accept of your elegant gift with much pleasure; first, because the volume, of itself, is one of rare value, which I shall highly prize, and, second, because it comes to me as a token of your appreciation of my efforts since I have had the pleasure of being with you.

Speech of the Candidate for Congress.

Speech of the Candidate for Congress.

I assure you I will turn its pages in happy recollection of the pleasant faces I have met in this room during my school duties. I will always remember your willing hearts, your kind intentions, your many evidences of love and regard for me, and your unceasing efforts to make my work as light and agreeable as possible.

I thank you for this beautiful testimonial, and also for the assurance you give me, that, as I read its pages, I may be reminded that the donors not only hold me in kindly remembrance, but they are resolved to profit by the teaching that has been given here.

My earnest hope is that your future life may realize all that your studious habits and school-days now seem to promise. Knowing you as I do, I expect you, in noble manhood and womanhood, to honor this school by your future lives of usefulness, prosperity and happiness.