Mr. President and Fellow Citizens : My thanks are due for the compliment paid in selecting me to represent this district in the State senate. As I desire to go into the legislature unpledged and un-trammeled, I shall make few promises as to what I shall do if elected.

It may not be amiss, however, to state that there is certain work which our representative, whoever he may be, should feel himself bound to perform, should he occupy a seat in the legislative councils. And of this may be mentioned the establishment of a reform school in this portion of the State in which can be received and trained a large number of boys who now bid fair to become ultimately permanent inmates of our prisons. The law should be stronger relating to the preservation of game. The rate of taxation on certain manufacturing industries should be lessened. The law relating to less hours for laboring men in the State service should be enforced, and much other needed legislation is evident.

So far as I am concerned, I can only say, if elected, I propose to do my duty as I understand it. That duty I conceive to be consists in working for the best interests of the constituency, and in serving the State and the entire people faithfully. Should it be my fate not to be chosen to fill the place for which you have placed me in nomination, the sun will probably rise and set as it has done heretofore, and I will console myself with the thought that there is a blessing in defeat. But should I be elected, I shall hope that my efforts may avail in accomplishing some work that will be beneficial to yourselves and the State.

Again thanking you, gentlemen, for your generous support, I can only hope that the expression you give here will be the voice of the people, and that our party in the coming election may carry the banner of victory.

Speech of Congressional Candidate from Hotel Balcony,