For the advantage of the inexperienced writer, making record of home news, the following partial list is given, containing subjects of general interest to the public.

Accidents. - When, where, to whom.

Amusements, Excursions, Etc. - When, where; character of amusement, etc.

Births. - When, where, name of parents and sex of child.

Burglary. - When, where, by whom, amount stolen, etc.

Change of Business Firms. - When, and names of the parties.

Crops. - Present condition and future prospects.

Crime Of any kind. - Names of offenders; nature of the crime.

Churches. - Change of pastors, revivals, election of church officers, etc.

Dissolutions of Partnership. - Names of parties, where going, what to do.

Deaths. - Who, when, where, cause.

Discoveries. - Of curiosities, or anything new or valuable.

Distinguished Arrivals. - At the hotels or elsewhere.

Divorces. - Who, when, where, cause. When and where married.

Elopements. - Names of parties and circumstances.

Election Intelligence. - Election takes place when, candidates to be, or are elected, etc.

Fires. - Whose property, when, where, cause, amount of insurance, names of companies insured in.

Facts and Figures. - Concerning any products raised in the vicinity, amount sold, profits, etc.

Festivals. - Held by whom, for what object, amount realized, etc.

Improvements. - By whom, where, and costs.

Inventions. - Patents granted to whom, what for, nature of the improvement.

Lectures. - Past, or to come; when, where, by whom, substance of what was said.

Marriages. - Who, when, where, by whom married, where gone on bridal tour.

Murders. - When, where, who, by whom, object of the murder, circumstances.

New Comers. - Their business, where located, where from, etc.

New Manufactures. - In prospect, when, where, by whom established, kind, etc.

New Buildings. - To be or built, erected by whom, for what purpose, cost, etc.

Price of Staple Commodities. - In the market, prospect for the future, etc.

Parties Leaving Town. - Who, when, where going, business going into.

Presentations. - By whom, to whom, where given, what presented, why.

Railroads. - New roads in prospect, profits of present roads, etc.

Sales of Real Estate. - By whom, to whom, who will occupy, amount paid, etc.

Shows, Exhibitions, Fairs. - Where, when, who gives them, character of entertainment.

Schools. - Facts and figures concerning them, change of teachers, improvements needed, etc.

Secret Societies. - Election of officers, prosperity and condition of the society.

Strange Phenomena. - In the heavens, in the elements, on or in the earth, where, when.

Suggestions of Improvements Needed. - Where, when, by whom, cost, etc.

Surgical Operations. - By whom performed, of what character, condition of patient.

Sickness. - Who sick, cause, by what physician attended, health of the community.

Telegraphs. - What new lines are to be established, present cost of telegraphing, etc.

Violation of Law. - Whereby parties are arrested and fined, what offense, when, where, etc.