A Visit to Chicago.

Opportunity for Work.

The Bachelor's Home.

Discoveries of Galileo.

Visit to a Poor-House.

Thanksgiving Thoughts.

People whom we Meet.

Memory and Reflection.

The Fate of Joan of Arc.

Visit to a Printing Office.

My First School-Teacher.

How we Spent Christmas.

Pleasures of Suburban Life.

As we Sow, we shall Reap.

The Changes in Twenty Years.

Night Scenes on the Battle-Field.

The School-Ma'am's Noonday Dream.

The First Jewish High Priest.

Honesty, the Poor Man's Riches.

Real Life and Ideal Aspirations.

Charity Toward All.

A Trip on a Railroad.

Some Business Signs.

Benefits of Fine-Art.

Talk in a Sewing-Circle.

To be Hanged To-morrow.

Love Conquers Selfishness.

Things in a Country Store.

Preparing for the Wedding.

The Books we Ought to Read.

A Bar-Tender's Fearful Dream.

The Skeleton in the Household.

My Last Visit to the Old Home.

Home Amusements Considered.

The Man in a Drunkard's Skin.

My Garden, and What was In It.

Old School-House by the Wayside.

Going to Visit Mother Next Week.

Life, Rightly Passed, Worth Living.

Sew Inventions Discovered by Accident.

What is Worship?

A Drunkard's Fate.

Happiness in a Palace.

The Last Day of School.

Beauty at Seventy-Five.

Bad Habits, Hard Masters.

What Might have been, Was.

Adventures in a Snow-storm.

Description of a Spelling-Bee.

A Man's Lament at Growing Old.

Description of a Writing-School.

Description of a Singing-School.

Mathematics a Finished Science.

Description of a Church Choir.

A Boy's Lament at being Young.

Education Gained by Observation.

An Instance of Presence of Mind.

Lost in the Darkness - City Sketch.

Why Some People are Always Poor.

Description of a Jail and its Inmates.