The Naval Academy of the United States is established at Annapolis, Md. The students are styled "cadet midshipmen," and of these one is allowed to be appointed for every member or delegate of the House of Representatives in Congress, one for the District of Columbia, and ten are appointed annually from the United States at large.

How Cadets Are Appointed

In March, every year, the Secretary of the Navy notifies (in writing) every member and delegate in Congress of any cadet vacancy that may exist in his district. The nomination of a candidate to fill such vacancy is made upon the recommenda-tion of the member or delegate, if made before the first day of July of that year; but if it is not made by that time, the Secretary of the Navy must fill the vacancy. The candidates for the District of Columbia and the United States at large are selected by the President. All candidates from Congressional or Territorial districts and the District of Columbia must be actual residents, respectively, of the localities from which they are nominated.

Age Of Candidates

All candidates must be between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years, and physically sound, well formed and robust, and each is examined, how and where the Secretary of the Navy may prescribe. Any candidate rejected at such examination does not have the privilege of another examination for admission to the same class, unless recommended by the board of examiners. Should any candidate be found to be mentally or morally disqualified for admission, the member of Congress or Territorial delegate is notified to appoint another, who will be also duly examined and admitted or rejected.

Length Of Time In School

The academic course of cadet midshipmen continues for six years. Cadet midshipmen who are found to be deficient at any examination shall not be continued at the academy or in the service, unless the academic board of examiners so recommend.

When cadet midshipmen have successfully passed the graduating examination at the academy, they receive appointments as midshipmen in the navy, and take rank according to their proficiency in academic studies.

Who Determines The Course Of Study

The Secretary of the Navy has authority to issue regulations for the education, at the naval academy, as naval constructors and steam engineers, of midshipmen and other persons who exhibit a peculiar aptitude for such professions. For this purpose such persons are formed into a separate class at the academy, to be styled cadet engineers, or are otherwise supplied with all proper facilities for such a scientific mechanical education as will fit them for their proposed professions. These students may not at any time exceed fifty in number, and are selected by the Secretary of the Navy. No person other than a midshipman can be eligible for appointment to this class unless he first produces satisfactory evidence of mechanical skill and proficiency, and passes an examination as to his mental and physical qualifications.

The course of study for cadet engineers is four years, including two years' service on naval steamers. They are examined from time to time, and if found deficient, or if dismissed for misconduct, they cannot remain at the academy or in the service, except upon the recommendation of the academic board.