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From the Chicago Evening Journal, March 8, 1876.

"The people of Aurora, 111., yesterday elected Thomas E. Hill mayor of their city, without opposition. The press and the people unanimously declared him to be so eminently fitted for the place, by wealth, public spirit and enterprise, that all classes united in choosing him for the place, irrespective of party or political feeling. Though formerly, for several years, engaged in teaching, Mr. Hill has latterly made journalism his profession. He is best known to the world, however, as the author of ' Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms,' a book which, though a very large volume, has had the remarkable sale of over 50,000 copies in a very brief time."

From the Chicago Evening Post.

"One of the most useful volumes that was ever laid upon the counting-room desk or the drawing-room table, is ' Hill's Manual of Business Forms.' It is a perfect treasury of knowledge; a complete encyclopaedia of practical in- ' formation. Scanning the table of contents, it is puzzling to conceive how so much can have been crowded into the confines of a single book - impossible to believe that the half which is there promised can be fulfilled. But turning over the pages, one by one, observing the freight they bear, the method of its arrangement, its variety and completeness, incredulity is succeeded by astonishment and admiration. The work is a marvel of ingenuity and industry, a prodigy of patient and skillful labor."

The Preston (Minn.) Republican says:

"Hill's Manual, as a whole, is the outgrowth of many years of preparation, the object of the author being to give in a concise form, and in one compendium, much that has been heretofore inaccessible, and also much that could be obtained elsewhere only at great cost, thus placing this important information in convenient form for ready reference, within the reach of all. In the varied departments of practical, every-day life, it will be found at once the faithful tutor, the reliable guide, and the safe adviser.

"For the business man or mechanic, the professional man or farmer, for every lady, the student, the young or old, and pre-eminently for the family, the work has never had its equal, as regards real practical utility.

"Meeting an existing want among all classes of people, the sale of the work at the present time, in proportion to the population, has rarely, if ever, been equaled by any other work, even in the most prosperous years of the last decade."

From the Louisville Commercial.

"Hill's Manual. - We learn that this useful book is meeting with the favor it so well deserves. It is a peculiar work, in the respect that no description will give a person a true idea of it, owing to the diversity of subjects treated; hence, only those who examine the work can really appreciate it. We are all, to some extent, specialists, having given more attention to some one line of business or study, leaving other matters of equal importance but partially covered; and just here this work will be found to meet a want which almost every one has felt. It certainly belongs to the list of articles which should be considered a necessity in every office and library, and is a helping hand to those of mature years."

Commendations From Distinguished Educators And Eminent Men

NO work of an educational character, of late years, has met with such universal approval from teachers and learned men as this. While the book is most warmly welcomed by the illiterate, it is equally sought for by the educated. Hundreds of testimonials from distinguished individuals might be given similar to the following:

From Samuel Fallows, ex-State Supt. Pub. Schools, Wisconsin.

"I am highly delighted with the plan and execution of Hill's Manual."

From Prof. J. G. Cross, Principal of the Northwestern Business College, Naperville, 111.

"It is a most valuable book, which ought to be multiplied as many times as there are families in the United States. I have adopted it as a book of daily reference for our business students."

From Theodore B. Boyd, Principal of the Louisville Commercial College.

"I have examined 'Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms.' and am surprised at the amount of useful information contained in one volume. Prof. Hill seems to have studied the wants of every one. It is one of the most useful books that was ever laid upon the counting-room desk or the drawing-room table."

From D. S. Burns, Supt. Pub. Schools, Harrisburg, Pa.

"I know of no work that contains so great a variety of valuable information on social and business topics as ' Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms.' I think it a work of special value to those who have not had opportunities of an extended school course, or becoming familiar by contact with the conventionalities of society."

From Wm. Cornell, Supt. Pub. Schools in Fall River, Mass.

"I most cheerfully recommend "Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms' as a very full work on the various 'Forms' which every person is likely to have occasion to use in his relations with persons in society. A thorough study of the ' book' by our young men and women would repay them by their acquiring a large fund of very valuable and practical knowledge from its pages. It should meet with a large circulation."

From M. M. Ballou, Distinguished Author, formerly Publisher of "Boston Globe," "Ballou's Monthly," etc.

"'Hill's Manual' is one of those indispensable books of reference which both business men and families should always have at hand. It is such a natural outgrowth of the spirit of the age to condense and put in available form important information upon every subject, that, while we are much gratified to possess this volume, we are also surprised that such a book has not before been produced. It is exactly what its title indicates, a book of ' Social and Business Forms '; but it would require too much space to five even a synopsis of this valuable compen-ium of instruction and important knowledge."

From D. P. Lindsley, Author of Linds-ley's System of Tachygraphy, Ando-ver, Mass.

"'Hill's Manual' is really the most comprehensive, thorough and elegant volume, treating on ' Social and Business Forms,' that has ever been issued in this"country."

From Gov. Gaston, of Massachusetts.

"' Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms' contains much valuable and useful information. I think it well meets a public want, and can therefore be safely and properly com-mened to public favor."

From President McCollister, of Buch-tel College, Akron, Ohio.

"' Hill's Manual ' is a timely book, meeting a public want which has not been filled before. Every family should own this book. It contains information important and useful to all classes. I feel all who examine it will want it."

From Wm. M. Cubery, of Cubery & Co., Publishers of the "Pacific Churchman," San Francisco, Cal.

"' Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms' is not only a luxury, but a necessity - eminently serviceable in the social circle, and indispensable to the man of business who would save time and money. I keep a copy in my counting-room for ready reference."

From Stephen Walkley, Treasurer of the Peck, Stow & Wilcox Co., South-ington, Conn.

"Hill's Manual is remarkable as containing a great variety of forms for numberless little things which all people have to do at sometime in their lives, but which most people do so seldom that they entirely forget the methods in ordinary use, and do them awkwardly or not at all. I have known even well-educated persons travel one or two miles to have a subscription paper drawn, just for the lack of such a book as this. I am surprised at the great scope of the work, and have yet to discover any social or business form needed by people in the ordinary walks of life which is not there given."

From Newton Bateman, ex-State Supt. of Public Schools, Illinois.

" Knox College, Galesburg, ILL. "'Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms ' is the best and most complete work of the kind that has yet fallen under my notice. Indeed I do not see how it could well be more comprehensive and exhaustive in respect to the matters of which it treats. It contains, in comparatively small compass, an immense amount of useful information upon a great variety of practical matters, general and special, with which every person in every community ought to be acquainted."

From Geo. Soule, President of Soule's Commercial and Literary Institute, New Orleans.

"I am pleased to say that I regard 'Hill's Manual ' as one of the most valuable works for all classes of society which the nineteenth century has produced."

From Prof. Worthy Putnam, Author of Putnam's Elocution and Oratory, Berrien Springs, Mich.

"have bought Hill's Manual - I like it - I admire it; ana so says my household. It is a little encyclopaedia of use, ornament, and knowledge for both men and women. It is a gem of authorship, artistic execution and usefulness."

From the venerable Jared P. Kirtland. M.D., LL.D.

"After a thorough and critical examination of ' Hill's Manual,' I have subscribed for three copies: one to accompany Webster's Unabridged Dictionary on my writing desk for my own use, the others for my two eldest great-grandsons. * * * It should be in the possession of every class of persons, from the young student to the most active business man or woman." Jared P. Kirtland.

President Grant Subscribes.

The agent of Hill's Manual at Long Branch writes: "By ten a. m. I was at the president's cottage, tipped and doffed my hat, announced my business, when the president promptly said he did not want to subscribe. I obtained permission to show it to him, and did so very hurriedly. At the conclusion, he took my specimen copy, paid me the cash, and added his name to my autograph book."

From Major Merwin, Editor "American Journal of Education," St. Louis.

"After having given 'Hill's Manual' a very careful and thorough examination, I do not hesitate to say that it will be found one of the most useful and practical works to put into the schools of the country that has ever been published. It is a fit and almost indispensable companion to Webster's Unabridged Dictionary; containing in a compact form just those things every person who transacts any business needs to know. There is scarcely a subject which comes within the purview of any individual, either in public or private life, but what is explained in this elegant volume. If it could be consulted in the drawing up of contracts, nearly all the mistakes which occur might be avoided, and the ill feeling and litigation growing out of misunderstandings would be a thing of the past. I wish every person in the State could be supplied with a copy."

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