THIS Book is attaining an immense circulation, the printing of the twenty-seventh edition having been called for within a short period from the time of its first publication; and its sale is constantly increasing with unparalleled rapidity, the prospect being that in time it will reach nearly every household in the land.

A SPECIAL feature of this book favorable to agents, is, that it has a more rapid sale in any locality the more fully people become acquainted with its merits. A second and third canvass of a town is more profitable to the agent than the first. For terms to agents, address Hill Standard Book Co., Publishers, 103 Slate St., Chicago. III.


The following are brief extracts from hundreds of similar notices received from the press and the people.

What Newspapers Say

From the "Statesman," Austin, Texas.

" It is a book that no professional or business man ought to be without."

From the "Churchman," San Francisco, Cal.

"The work is having the rapid sale which its intrinsic value should inspire."

From the "Women's Exponent," Salt Lake City.

"We view it as one of the best books of its kind ever brought to our notice."

From the "Detroit Free Press."

"This book disarms criticism by carefully refraining from promising too much, and as carefully performing all that It promises."

From the "Daily Times," Denver, Col.

"The book is an original, elegant, and wonderfully comprehensive volume, alike indispensable in every home, counting-room and office."

From the "Republican," Red Wing, Minn.

"No one can imagine the amount of Information there is in this book from its title. It is clearly the fundamental principles of a Commercial College, collated and bound, so you can carry it home with you to be studied at your leisure."

From the "Chicago Tribune."

"Prof. Hill has done an excellent service in preparing so splendid a work. With it at hand, one need never be at a loss for the form to do almost any ordinary business correctly, or to prepare a note or an answer to the many and varied calls of social life. We predict for It great popularity and an extensive sale."

Opinions Of Prominent Men

From Hon. Schuyler Colfax, late Vice-President of the United States.

South Bend, Ind.

My Dear Sir: I have examined with interest, and also with surprise, your " Manual of Social and Business Forms," and find it really an encyclopedia of information of all kinds, needed in social or business life, admirably arranged and handsomely illustrated, forming the most comprehensive and satisfactory work of the kind I have ever seen. It ought to be in every library and counting-room, and the longer It is examined and used, the more highly it will be appreciated. Yours truly,


Prop. Thos. E. Hill, Chicago. Ill.

From Prof. A. Freese, formerly Sup't of Schools, Cleveland, Ohio.

"Hill's Manual is no ordinary affair. This you will see after examining it five minutes. For a young man who wants to know how business is done, how to put things in good shape, and the right shape, this book is invaluable. He could afford to pay $50 for it, in case he could not get it for less. If I could have found such a work in my boyhood, my blunders would have been less, and my greenness less apparent when I struck out into this sharp and critical world."

From W. W. Chandler, General Agent Star Union Line, Chicago.

Chicago, ILL.

It is indeed a wonderful production, and I am more and more astonished at the great variety and vast amount of practical information it contains. No young man can afford to be without a copy, and the information it contains is equally valuable and essential to every LADY in the land. An offer of a hundred dollars for the book, or even five times that sum, would not buy it from me, were it an impossibility to procure another copy.

Hill's Manual is emphatically the most complete, comprehensive, and reliable work oF the kind ever published, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

What Agents Say

From J. S. Martin, Gold Hill, Nevada.

"I have canvassed for Hill's Manual seven lays, and taken 127 orders."

From J. W. England, Plain City, Utah.

"The book takes well, and the more it is known the better it is liked."

From T. F. Graber, Kenosha, Wis.

"I never saw a book that I could canvass for with a will, before I saw yours."

Wm. H. Shepard, San Francisco, Cal.,

Writes: "Our canvass in Denver, Colorado, bids fair to reach 350 subscribers." This was the second canvass, six months after the first.

H. B. Mathews, Aurora, 111.,

Says: "This is the best book in existence for an agent to sell in hard times, as it enables people to save money and make money; hence, they cannot afford to be without it.

From Mrs. L. Hoag, High Forest, Minn.

"We find by recanvassing after the book has been introduced, we can double on our subscribers, and we intend going over the ground time and again."

From Wm. Rolph, Laporte City, Iowa,

"I like the business of canvassing for Hill's Manual first-rate, because it pays, and it is such a work as I consider honorable to sell, for it is equal to all the agent can say for it."

Chas. S. Attix, Camp Brown, Wyoming,

Inquires concerning the agency of Hill's Manual, saying that many who have seen a copy of the book in his possession desire it, and adds: "I have been offered ten dollars for the copy I have, but would not part for it for double that amount."


Opinions Of The Press

The newspapers of the country have been of one voice in the praise of Hill's Manual. The following testimonials are a few of the hundreds of similar character.

In New England

From the Boston Herald.

"A very valuable volume is 'Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms.' It is a large quarto, handsomely produced as far as externals are concerned, but not less attractive and desirable on account of its contents, for, from its pages the self-instructing student can become familiar with all the forms in general use, and almost everything that a person should know in this practical age."