Toasts And Sentiments Appropriate For Various Occa 507

AMONG the delightful titbits that afford variety and merriment on certain festal occasions, may be toasts and sentiments, thus:

For A Christmas Dinner

"Christmas hospitality: And the ladies who make it delightful by their mincing ways."

"The sports of the holidays: Sleighing the Dears, and taking comfort among the Buffaloes."

For The Thanksgiving Festival

"Our opinion on the Eastern Question: We agree with Russia, that Turkey ought to he gobbled."

"The health of our venerable host: Although an American citizen, he is one of the best Grand Seniors that ever presided over Turkey."

"Thanksgiving: The magnetic festival that brings back erratic wanderers to the Old Folks at Home."

"The thanksgiving board: While it groans with plenty within, who cares for the whistling of the wind without."

"Thanksgiving: The religious and social festival that converts every family mansion into a Family Meeting House."

For The Fourth Of July

"The American Eagle: The older he grows the louder he screams, and the higher he flies."

"The Union of the States, and the Union of the Sexes:The one was the beginning of man's independence, the other is the end of it."

"Our Standard Sheet: It has often been badly mangled, and terribly scorched, but is, nevertheless, the noblest sheet that ever covered a hero on the bed of glory."

For A Wooden Wedding

"Our Host and Hostess: The fire of affection they mutually kindled five years ago has not gone out; on the contrary, we are glad to see them wooding up."

"The Wooden Wedding of our Friends: And may all the children be chips of the old block."

"The Hero and Heroine of this Wooden Festival: May they flourish like green bay trees in their youth, and retain all their pith when they

For The Tin Wedding

"The Golden Rule of Matrimony: Marry the first time for love - the second time for Tin."

"The Fair Bride: She blushed at her first marriage, but she shows more metal to-day."

"Tin Weddings; And the bright reflections to which they give rise."

For The Crystal Wedding

"Crystal Weddings: The medium through which the bliss of enduring affection is magnified, reflected, and made transparent to everybody."

"The fifteenth year of Wedlock: A matrimonial Stage, chiefly remarkable for its Tumblers."

"Our Hospitable Hostess: And may it never be her fate to look on life 'as through a glass darkly.'"

"The New Married Couple: They will not find the friendship of their friends as brittle as their gifts."

For A Silver Wedding

"A quarter of a century of Married Happiness: The best five-twenty bond in the world."

"The Bridal Pair: Their admirable performances in double harness well entitle them to the plate."

"Our Kind Entertainers: Know all men, by these presents, how sincerely we love them."

For The Golden Wedding

"Matrimony's Pleasant Autumn: May it always bear golden fruit." "The Bridegroom's Prize: Not toys of gold, but the more attractive metal by his side."

* Selected from Barber's Ready-made Speeches, published by Dick & Fitzgerald, New York.

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