FOUR kinds of cards are in general use, viz.: Wedding, Autograph or Visiting, Address, and Business cards. The wedding has already been described. The visiting card is used principally by the lady in her calls among acquaintances in the city. The address card is also frequently used for the same purpose, and is useful to present when it may be desired to open future correspondence. The business card is valuable for advertising and as being introductory to business acquaintance. In the autograph card, Chas. H. Briggs will write his name as follows:

Visiting And Address Cards 323

His wife will write her name :

Visiting And Address Cards 324

His daughters will add Miss to their names thus:

Visiting And Address Cards 325

Or the name may be without the Miss, thus:

Visiting And Address Cards 326

The address card may read thus:

Visiting And Address Cards 327

Or it may read thus :

Visiting And Address Cards 328

Autograph cards should be used only among those acquaintances to whom the residence is well known. Business cards should contain upon their face the name, business, address and references, if references are used.

Note. - A former rule of etiquette, not now so much observed, was for the eldest daughter, only, to prefix " Miss " to her name.