WE PARTED in silence, we parted by night,

On the banks of that lonely river; Where the fragrant limes their boughs unite

We met - and we parted forever! The night-bird sung, and the stars above

Told many a touching story Of friends long passed to the kingdom of love,

Where the soul wears its mantle of glory.

We parted in silence, - our cheeks were wet With the tears that were past controlling:

We vowed we would never, no, never forget, And those vows, at the time, were consoling;

But those lips that echoed the sounds of mine

Are as cold as that lonely river; And that eye, that beautiful spirit's shrine,

Has shrouded its fires forever.

And now, on the midnight sky I look,

And my heart grows full of weeping; Each star is to me a sealed book,

Some tale of that loved one keeping. We parted in silence, we parted in tears,

On the banks of that lonely river; But the odor and bloom of those bygone years

Shall hang o'er its waters forever.