The wise husband will provide for the moral and spiritual growth of his family by regular attendance at church; the spiritual faculties of our nature are given for a beneficent purpose; their exercise and cultivation leads up into the higher and the better; one day in seven, at least, should therefore be set apart for the spiritual improvement of the family. Select a church, the religious teaching in which is nearest in accord with the views of yourself and wife, and be regular in your attendance; accompany your wife; give her the pleasure of your escort; see that she is provided with a good seat and all the advantages which the church has to give; enter fully and freely into the religious work of your church, and your family will be blessed in consequence.

Give your wife every advantage which it is possible to bestow. Shut up with her household duties, her range of freedom is necessarily circumscribed, and in her limited sphere she is likely to remain stationary in her intellectual growth. Indeed, oftentimes, if her family be large and her husband's means are limited, in her struggle to care for the family she will sacrifice beauty, accomplishments, health - life, almost - rather than that her husband shall fail. In the meantime, with wide opportunities and intellectual advantages, he will be likely to have better facilities for growth and progression. There is sometimes thus a liability of the husband and wife growing apart, an event which both should take every pains to avert. In avoiding this, much will depend upon the wife. She must resolutely determine to be in every way the equal of her companion. Much also will depend upon the husband. The wife should have every opportunity whereby she may keep even pace with him.

Possibly the wife in social position, intellectual acquirement, and very likely in moral worth, may be superior to her husband. It is equally necessary, therefore, that the husband put forth every effort to make himself worthy of his companion. It is a terrible burden to impose on a wife to compel her to go through life with a man whom she cannot love or respect.