TO ACQUIRE the art of conversation in a superior degree, there must be intimacy with those who possess refinement and general information. There must also be observed certain general rules in order to accomplish the best results, prominent among which are the following: ___

In the first place, in order to converse well, there must be knowledge ; there must be a command of language, assisted by imagination: there must be understanding of the rules of construction to frame sentences aright; there must be confidence and self-possession, and there must be courage to overcome failure.

To be an excellent conversationalist is a very desirable accomplishment. We talk more than we do anything else. By conversation we may make friends, we may retain them, or we may lose them. We may impart information; we may acquire it. We may make the company with whom we associate contented with itself, or we can sow inharmony and discord. Our success in life largely rests upon our ability to converse well; therefore, the necessity of our carefully studying what should and what should not be said when talking.