In every locality something will occasionally transpire the details of which will be of general interest to the public at large, in which case the publishers of papers in the large cities will esteem it a favor for some person to give them the facts.

Should the town in which the correspondent is stationed be sufficiently large, and the news frequently occurring important, the publisher will pay an accepted regular correspondent for news that he prints, from $1 to $10 per article, as may be agreed between publisher and correspondent.

Only such matter is desired for the metropolitan journal as will interest the people throughout the entire country. Of such news are facts concerning : - Enactments of Law. Severe accidents. Fires. Crops. Murders. Elopements. Burglary. Schools. Churches. New manufactures. Railroads. Elections. Weather. Discoveries. Inventions. Strange phenomena. Important Statistics. Personal mention of distinguished persons, etc.