There is no better Company than mine. I benefit every man whom I insure in it.

I am an efficient and well-posted salesman.

I am fair in dealing with Company, client and manager.

I treat my competitor as I would have him treat me.

I respect myself and challenge the respect of others.

Mine is an honorable and profitable business.

It is my life work, and I shall succeed in it.

By means of Auto-Suggestion you may make your habitual Mental Attitude what you will. Think of yourself as energetic and forceful. Impersonate the part. Regulate your speech to correspond with it. Do this for a short time and you will find the Mood of masterly energy growing upon you. And it will continue to grow with your persistent effort until it shall ultimately become a permanent characteristic.

It Is Within The Power Of Any Man To Completely Transform Himself And To Reform His Character On Any Lines Which He May Desire.