Do you wish to see a full-scale alien attack take place on the Google homepage? You can! In fact, not only does Netdisaster ( allow you to destroy, you can destroy any other web page – in a multitude of ways, too. You can send meteors, flood it, nuke it, shoot it, paintball or chainsaw it, send God onto the page, cover it with flowers, or terrify it with a horde of flies, wasps, snails, worms and dinosaurs. If you're not the aggressive type, you can also just spill some coffee on the page instead...

An alien laser burns semi permanent holes into

An alien laser burns semi-permanent holes into

I asked creator Denis Rionnet from Lyon, France, how he got the idea for this tool. Denis tells me, "A few years ago, I started programming an online tool that allows users to turn any site into some African witch-doctor advertisement. ... So, people have fun with this tool and send the link to each other. But that's only for French speaking persons! So one year ago, I was wondering if I could find another idea of a tool that would interact with any site in a more visual way."

Denis goes on to say that, after making sure his idea of weapons and plagues "destroying" any target site was technically possible, he worked hard on the site hoping people would enjoy it. And it did have an effect on people, but with some surprising results.

Not everybody understands how Netdisaster works; that basically, it's just a bunch of visual effects without actual consequences for the target site. Some of the users wondered if they were staying anonymous during the attack, and also asked if the attacked site was harmed. Denis says, "Someone wrote to me once, because a site got out of order right after he had targeted it with Netdisaster – the server of this site was just down, coincidentally. He couldn't believe that Netdisaster was not to blame at all, and urged me to do something about it!"

Google is currently being flooded

Google is currently being flooded... the fish at the bottom seem to enjoy it.

Meteors rain down on Google

Meteors rain down on Google...