A Googlefight is when two search terms are being pitted against each other – the one which returns more pages in Google wins. It helps if you put both contestants in quotes, like this: "George Bush" vs "John Kerry." In that example, "George Bush" returns over 25 million results (maybe with a little bit of help from his father), whereas John Kerry returns only a little over 16 million pages… so Bush wins.

Let's have some more fights:

Round 1: War vs Peace

War: 503,000,000 results. Peace: 245,000,000 results.

The winner by technical knock-out: War.

Round 2: China vs USA

USA: 1,350,000,000 results. China: 683,000,000 results.

The winner by judge's decision: USA.

Round 3: Rocky vs Rambo

Rocky: 54,500,000 results. Rambo: 4,120,000 results.

Disqualified for use of weapons: Rambo.

Round 4: Nerds vs Bullies

Nerds: 7,490,000 results. Bullies: 3,880,000 results.

Result: The Nerds got their revenge.

Round 5: Cute Cats vs Ugly Dogs

Cute cats: 96,300 results. Ugly dogs: 23,000 results.

The close winner: Cute cats.

Round 6: Pen vs Sword

Pen: 113,000,000 results. Sword: 26,300,000 results.

Who's mightier: the pen.

Round 7: Travel Europe in 7 Days vs Get to Really Know Some Countries

Travel Europe in 7 Days: 0 results. Get to really know some countries: 0 results.

The winner: It's a draw!

Round 8: Get Rich Quick vs Work Hard

Get rich quick: 2,010,000 results. Work hard: 13,600,000 results.

The winner by KO in the 8th round: Work hard.

Round 9: Christina Aguilera vs Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera: 6,140,000 results. Britney Spears: 12,700,000 results.

The dancing winner: Miss Spears.

Round 10: Chick Flick vs Art Movie

Chick flick: 721,000 results. Art movie: 285,000 results.

Winner by unanimous decision: chick flicks.