This is a fun magic trick to fool your friends, colleagues or family. Here's how it appears to everyone around you:

  • You open up Google Images and demand, "John, think of something."

  • Your friend John says "I think of a yellow house."

  • You type "What is it that John thinks of?" into Google Images, hit return, and boom – there are yellow houses in the results!

How It Really Works

Of course, neither Google nor you can predict the future or read your friend's mind (I assume!). So what's really happening? Just how can Google display yellow houses?

Because you told it to! The trick is incredibly simple: start by going to the fake Google homepage ( Now though it appears as if you are typing "What is it ...," you actually type a slash "/" first. This starts hiding what you really type and replaces it with "What is it ...". So now, you type yellow house or whatever it is your friend mentioned. Finally, hit the slash key again and you can continue to type normally to enter the name of your friend or something similar.

Before you perform this trick in front of friends, make sure you practice it a little. If you do, your friends will not suspect a thing.

Note that if your friends are very tech-savvy or easy to get suspicious, you should replace the browser address – which reveals it's not the real Google – with the actual Google Images URL (without hitting return in the address bar, of course, because you don't want to leave the trick page).