Easter 101

Fig 1

Easter 102

Fig 2

Easter 103

Fig 3

Material: Six strips of white tissue or crepe paper 1 1/2 in. x 6 in.; six strips of green tissue paper, 1 in. x 6 in.; one strip of green paper, 1/2 in. x 30 in.; a strip of yellow tissue paper, 1/2 in. x 6 in,; a piece of stiff wire 14 inches long; some cotton thread; a cardboard pattern like Fig. 1; paste and scissors.

Place the pattern on each piece of white paper, mark with a pencil, and cut out.

Point each strip of green paper at one end so that its shape will be similar.

Take the wire and strip of yellow paper. Fasten a small bunch of the paper at one end of the wire (3/, Fig. 2), and wind the remainder of paper down the wire.

Three inches from the end on which is the bunch of yellow paper, fasten the six white petals with cotton thread, (c. Fig.


Paste one edge of a petal to the edge of the next petal three inches from the pointed end. (x, Fig. 2.)

Curl each petal back 2 inches from the pointed end. {0, Fig. 2.)

Begin to wind the stem with the 1/2 x 30 strip of green paper just where the petals are tied on. (c, Fig. 2.)

Put in the leaves as you wind the stem. (Fig. 3.)