Material: Colored cardboard 4 in. x 5 in.; gold paint or yellow water-color; 8 inches of fine yellow covered wire; fine white yarn; strawboard 2 in. x 2 in.; yellow cardboard 1/4 inch square, a needle, and scissors.

On the colored cardboard outline an egg (Fig. 1) and cut out. (Fig. 2.)

Print the words "Easter Greeting" at one side, or an Easter verse such as,

When the Easter lamp was lighted

At the Saviour's tomb, Evermore to shed its radiance,

Where were death and gloom?


Or this,

Sundays by thee more glorious break An Easter day in every week.


Decorate the edge of the card with some pretty border. For the chicken, cut a circle one inch in diameter from the 2 x 2 strawboard.

Make a hole in the center of the circle 3-16 inch in diameter.

Easter Card 108

Fig 1

Easter Card 109

Fig 2

Easter Card 110


Easter Card 111

Fig 5

Easter Card 112

fig 7

Easter Card 113

Fig 4

Easter Card 114

Fig 6

Easter Card 115

Fig 8

Thread the needle with yarn. Let the thread be double, and long. (Several needlefuls will be required.) Pass the needle through the hole in the center of the one-inch circle; then between the double strands near the knot at the end of the yarn.

Pull the yarn tight, so that the knot comes at the outside edge of the circular cardboard. (Fig. 3.)

Pass the needle through the hole in the center as many times as it will go through. Do not sew over and over the circle in one place. Go around the disk, covering it evenly.

When the hole is filled, cut off the yarn (carried by the needle) at the edge of the circle.

Put one blade of the scissors through the wool so that the blade rests on the cardboard inside of the yarn, and cut the yarn along the edge of the cardboard.

Take a double piece of yarn five inches long and press it down between the cardboard and the yarn, and tie firmly around the yarn which passes through the center of the disk.

(Fig. 5)

Cut out the cardboard circle, and a white ball of yarn results. If the ball is not perfect, trim down the uneven parts.

This ball is the chicken's body.

From the remainder of the square of strawboard cut a circle half an inch in diameter.

Fill this small circle as you filled the inch circle.

The resulting white ball is the chicken's head.

Sew the head and body together, and make two ink spots for eyes.

Fold the quarter-inch square of yellow cardboard diagonally and paste it into the wool below the eyes to form the chicken's bill.

Cut the yellow covered wire into inch lengths, and bend each piece in the middle.

Tie four pieces together for each foot, letting three toes extend forward and one back.

Put paste on the wire and stick the legs firmly into the large ball. (Fig. 6.)

Now fasten the chicken on the card. Two chickens on a card look better than one. (Fig. 8.)

The card may be made in the shape of a rabbit instead of an egg

It may be made into a little booklet by having another cardboard for the back.

The leaves should be cut (the same shape as the covers) out of white note paper.

Use a paper hinge (Fig. 7) to fasten the covers and leaves together.

Easter verses may be written on each leaf, and a little water-color picture painted opposite each verse.