ONE or more of these miniature carnival rides will convert an unused backyard or lot into an unrivaled playground for children. Secondhand lumber may be used to keep the cost low. Dimensions may be modified as necessary to suit the available materials.

ONE or more of these miniature carnival

Leg-Power Merry-Go

The riders take turns at pushing, but can jump aboard once the platform is in motion. A local garage or machine shop can make the pivot shaft and countersunk plug, the latter with a centerdrilled oil hole. The edges of the platform and well opening are padded with old garden hose. Horses are of 1/2" outdoor plywood, brightly painted. The canopy may be replaced by a large beach umbrella. A portable radio enlivens the fun with music. If space is lacking, the diameter can be reduced and the various parts scaled down to suit.

Roll-Coaster Ride

This can be built to fit available space. The car rolls on four skate wheels, side thrust being taken by two greased hardwood blocks. Screw these fast from the inside and round the outer corners well. The starting platform may slope slightly toward the rear to allow riders to mount in safety, the track being blocked so that the car cannot fall off backwards. Check the angles between rail sections for clearance against the wheel blocks to make sure the car will run smoothly.

High-Boy Seesaw

This new teeter-totter design combines a high ride with a low center of balance. Two planks are joined by means of side members and rigidly held by long bolts passing both under and over them. Sections of an old tire serve as bumpers, and riders cannot hit the ground as on the conventional seesaw.

Dos-A-Dos Swing

The pantagraph principle applied to this design keeps the seat and foot rest always horizontal. Riders will find it easy to set the swing in motion. Galvanized pipe and two threaded steel rods form the upper bearings. The seat and foot-rest bearings are bushed with brass tube. Diagonal strap-iron braces prevent side sway.

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