EIGHT different games-adtive, competitive games-can be played on this portable court or giant game board. Its novelty alone is sufficient to make it the center of attraction at any party, and its uses are so many and varied that it won't lie idle for a minute so long as there is anyone around to play with it.

The court is made in four sections, each 3' by 6'. When these are laid end to end, they form a shuffleboard court, as illustrated at the upper left of the facing page. This same arrangement is also used for a tenpin alley. If they are placed so as to form a 6' by 12' rectangle and are fitted with wickets and stakes, disk croquet can be played, as shown in the photograph on page 149. Other setups serve for the remaining games- bounce, darts, bullboard, twelve-hole, and quoits. While only eight games have so far been arranged on the court, many more could be worked out. The possibilities and combinations are almost endless.

EIGHT different games adtivecompetitive games

The fact that the court is portable permits it to be used outdoors in fine weather and indoors, if space is available, at .other times. In addition to being great fun at home, it is an ideal outfit for camps, play groups, resort hotels, recreation centers, and country clubs.

When the game court is to be stored or transported, all the equipment can be packed between the sections, for each section is really a shallow box. Two of the sections are used as boxes and two of them as lids. When filled, each pair of sections is held together by means of boards bolted on the ends with sixteen toggle bolts, as shown in one of the photographs on a following page.

Each section is constructed of a 3' by 6' piece of %" thick five-ply veneer (plywood). This is a stock size, so there is no cutting or waste. A frame of 2" by 2" wood with outside dimensions of 3' by 6' is either screwed to the plywood or fastened on with dowels and glue. If screws are used, they should be heavy flathead wood screws, well countersunk and with the depressions filled with a good grade of crack filler or plastic composition wood-not putty. When the crack filler is hard and dry, it is sanded flush to provide a smooth playing surface. The screws (or dowels) must be so spaced that they will not interfere with holes that later must be drilled in the frames. The spacing of those holes is shown in the long and short edge views of the sections in the drawings at left.

Three of the many games for which the court may be used are illustrated on the facing page. The first is shuffleboard; the second (lower left), bullboard played with bags of sand; the third, bounce played with table-tennis balls. The photo below shows how equipment is stored