The Boxcraft Game of "Shoot the Chutes." It is played with spools.

Material Required to Make the Game of "Shoot the Chutes": a long box and its cover, and one high box without a cover - some spools.

This little boxcraft game may be played by two players. It is an easy game to make, as you can see by looking at the picture. It is made of two parts of one long box, with the lower half of another that is higher. It is played with spools.

To make the game, first cut the lower half of your long box as you see it cut in the picture. Make two openings in its rim, each wide enough to let a spool roll through it. Stand this part of the box upon the floor as you see it placed in the picture.

Now, you are ready to make the chutes. Cut the cover's rim - the rim of the long box - at each corner, and press the cardboard out at each end.

Rest this part of the long box in a slanting position against your high box.

Paint four spools. Make two red and two blue. Two of the same color belong to each player.

The game is to try to get your two spools into the box. Every time you get a spool in by rolling it down the chutes, it counts you one count.

Players play in turn, one spool at a time. The game is played in rounds. The first player to reach the score of seven wins.

I made this little game myself,

All on a rainy day! It made some jolly fun for me,

And passed the time away.