from 1776 to 1848

By EDWIN CANNAN, M.A., Balliol College, Oxford.

Contents. - The Wealth of a Nation - The Idea of the Production of Wealth - The First ' Requisite of Production,' Labour - The Second 'Requisite of Production,' Capital - The Third ' Requisite of Production,' Land - The Idea of the Distribution of Wealth - Pseudo Distribution (causes which affect (1) the absolute amount of Wages per head ; (2) the rate of Profits; and (3) the absolute amount of Rent) - Distribution Proper (causes which affect the proportions in which a given produce is divided between different classes and individuals) - Politics and Economics.

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The Victorian Age of English Literature



Vol. 1. - The State of Literature at the Queen's Accession, and of those whose work was already done - Men who had made their name, especially John Gibson Lockhart, Walter Savage Landor, Leigh Hunt - Thomas Carlyle and John Stuart Mill, and other Essayists and Critics - Macaulay and the other Historians and Biographers in the early part of the reign - The Greater Poets - Dickens, Thackeray, and the older Novelists - Index.

Vol. 11. - Writers on Religious and Theological subjects - Scientific Writers - Philosophical Writers - The Younger Poets - The Younger Novelists - Writers on Art - Later Historians, Biographers, Essayists, etc., and the present condition of Literature - Journalists - Index.

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