Luzern, Schwyz, Uri, Unterwalden.


Contents.-Introduction-Topography and Characteristics-Political History-Constitutional History-Subject and Protected Lands-Ecclesiastical History - Economical Condition, Trade, etc. - Manners and Customs-Language and Dialects-Legends, Poetry, Literature, Art, etc. -Remarkable Men-Geology, Fauna, Flora, etc.-Canton and Town of Lucerne-Lake of Lucerne-Rigi and Pilatus-Schwyz : the Fortress of the Lands-Canton Uri-St. Gotthard-Canton Unterwalden-Alpine Exploration-Local Traditions-Index.

' Will be found an interesting companion by any whose holiday haunts lie in Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri, or Unterwalden. Mr. Sower-by begins with history, goes on to trades, manners, customs, and legends, and ends up with Alpine exploration - in which department he himself has to be credited with several "first ascents." The book is easily portable, and has a good map and a full index.' - Pall Mall Gazette.

'This interesting and useful little book.' - Spectator.

' Portable, as a guide book should be, it is admirably readable from the first page to the last.' - Saturday Review.

' To the intelligent and inquiring traveller no better description of these primitive communities could be recommended. The book, it should be added, contains a good map.' - Scottish Leader.

'An excellent and handy little book, which should meet with a warm welcome.' - Manchester Guardian.

' We advise all who take an interest in this delightful country to procure a copy of Mr. Sowerby's book.' - Westminster Review.

'Packed with explicit and diversified information, and that of a kind with which the guide books seldom intermeddle. In saying this we are not speaking at random, for we can truly assert that it is not often our experience to come across a manual filled to better advantage with well-selected and admirably arranged facts.' - Leeds Mercury.

'Will be an invaluable companion to those who spend their summer holidays in the neighbourhood of the Lake of Lucerne.'-Morning Post.

'An excellent and handy little book, which should meet with a warm welcome from the hundreds of British and American tourists who may legitimately wish to know more than ordinary guide-books can tell them about the " history, manners, and customs, social and economical conditions, language, etc.," of the" Forest Cantons," the " heart and conscience" of Switzerland.' -Manchester Guardian.

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