By HORATIO F. BROWN, Author of ' Life on the Lagoons.'

The Author's endeavour in this Work is to view Venice as a personality; to trace, as it were, in brief her biography ; attempting to show what made her; how she grew; what mistakes she committed, and how she paid for them; and this attempt seemed the more reasonable in this case, because throughout the history of Venice the personality of the States is always more prominent than the personality of individual Venetians.

'Although, in general terms, this work may be described as a history of Venice, it has been carried out on so original a plan as to deserve a distinct and prominent place amongst the many volumes which have been devoted to a record of the rise, development, and decline of the Venetian Republic' - Glasgow Herald.

'Mr. Brown has imprisoned the atmosphere of Venice into his pages, has for the most part made her heroes live again, and has brought out fully the poetry and pathos of her wonderful career. He is already known as a sympathetic writer on Venetian subjects, but he has done nothing so good as this account of ' the city that looks as though she were putting out to sea.' - Westminster Gazette.

'Mr. Brown has performed his task with skill and taste ; and a picture is presented of the process by which Venice was built up and fell from its high estate, which is at once brilliant and accurate.' - Scotsman.

'Mr. Brown's learned and yet thoroughly readable book is published in a fortunate hour, both for author and reader. When he writes about Venice we feel that his sympathy with his subject has given him the power both of comprehending things Venetian and of extending that comprehension to his readers.' - Manchester Guardian.

'This is in truth a chronicle which follows out with industry and accuracy the maze of Venetian history. ... As an historical sketch it is admirable.' - Times.

'A valuable and fascinating work, evidently the result of research and study.

. . Every visitor to the beautiful shrine of St. Mark should be possessed of this handsome volume.' - Daily Telegraph.

London: 34 King Street, Covent Garden.

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