For the use of art students, and for decorative work on a large scale by artists and craftsmen, it is by no means necessary to provide the finest quality of flake while, and Winsor and Newton have done wisely in offering a collapsible tube, holding half a pound, of a sound white for such a small sum as eightpence. We have tested this " Winton " white, as it is called, and find it excellent tor ordinary use.

An exhibition of illustrated postcards, bills, show-cards. etc, is to be held at Antwerp, from December 3rd to January 16th, under the patronage of the Zoological Society of the town.

The death of Emile Galle, at his house in Nancy, where he carried on so successfully his artistic experiments in decorative glass production, will be deeply regretted by all who can appreciate his genius. Not long ago he opened an agency for the sale of his very original and beautiful glass in a side street off Oxford Street, but the enterprise does not seem to have been properly presented to the British public.