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Craft and Hobby Books

A creative mess is better than tidy idleness. Pick up a book on a craft or a hobby and get your hands dirty.

-Popular Mechanics Books
This collection of books is for amateur mechanics, both young and adult alike
-Mechanics and Engineering Books
Books on workshop receipts, engineering, construction, mechanics, etc.
-Scientific American Journal
A collection of old but still very practical Scientific American Journals
-Children Craft Books
Books on crafts to occupy children with.
-Needlework Books
Books on needlework, sewing, embroidery, educational and general needlecraft.
-Metalwork Books
Books on metal work
-A Practical Treatise On Friction, Lubrication, Fats And Oils | by Emil F. Dieterichs
A practical treatise on friction, lubrication, fats and oils, including the manufacture of lubricating oils, leather oils, paint oils, solid lubricants and greases, together with numerous formulas; modes of testing oils, and the application of lubricants.
-Evolution Of The Machine Shop | by James Hartness
The subject of evolution of the machine shop is treated under three headings: The first relates to the effect of this evolution on the problems of management; The second considers its effect on the interests of the individual workers, and The third points out in non-technical language some of the changes taking place in the equipment. Following this will be found the strictly mechanical and commercial descriptions of one of the links in modern equipment.
-Machinery's Shop Receipts And Formulas | by The Industrial Press
412 Shop Receipts and Formulas Selected From MACHINERY
-Modern Shop Practice V1| by Howard Monroe Raymond
A General Reference Work on Machine Shop Practice And Management, Production Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Welding, Tool Making, Tool Design, Die Making And Metal Stamping.
-Modern Shop Practice V2| by Howard Monroe Raymond
A General Reference Work on Foundry Work, Forging, Pattern Making, Mechanical And Machine Drawing, Etc.
-Modern Machine Shop Construction, Equipment, And Management | by Oscar E. Perrigo
The author has enjoyed over twenty years of successful management of shops and factories without having in a single instance encountered "labor troubles"; and believes that much of this smooth-running efficiency has been due to his thorough belief in the intelligent initiative and honest pride of the American mechanic in his work. Therefore he deprecates all attempts to formulate systems of management which tend to make "machine-made mechanics," who do their work in blind obedience to overseeing authority and the tick of the watch of the "speed boss." He believes that whatsoever tends to lower the initiative of the workman and retards his independence of thought along the lines of his work tends to lower his efficiency and consequently his value as a factor in the manufacturing problem.
-Plastics In The School And Home Workshop | by Andrew Jules Lockrey
This book aims to introduce to hobbyists and students, a new material which in my humble opinion offers greater rewards in beauty and usefulness for the time and money spent on it than any other crafts material, and second, to eliminate a great deal of the mystery surrounding the methods of working this material by reducing to a school and home workshop basis the actual professional processes and methods used by the big manufacturers.
-Motor Truck Design And Construction | by C. T. Schaefer
This volume has boon written to fill a pressing want; to give a practical discussion of the gasoline propelled commercial car of the present type, and to present this subject in the plainest possible manner by the use of numerous illustrations. In other words, this work is compiled for the engineer, who, when he desires information on current practice, may quickly obtain the same without a general study. At the same time a general outline of the underlying principles is given for the student, commercial vehicle owner and operator who may desire to familiarize himself with the construction of the various units that make up the complete vehicle. The author feels confident that he has been successful in the production of a serviceable treatise on the subject of Motor Truck design and construction.
-Art Metalwork With Inexpensive Equipment
Among the leading teachers of the manual arts in the schools there is a growing interest in art metalwork. This is due in part to a recognition of the increasing importance of metal as a material of construction in the arts and industries, in part- to the fact that by adding it to woodwork, which is the more common form of handwork in the schools, experience in tool processes becomes broadened and enriched, but chiefly it is due to the fact that art metalwork adds to handwork instruction a valuable means of art expression. The opinion is now general that manual training should lead out beyond the mere mechanical and utilitarian into the realm of graceful, free expression of beauty of form and color and design. Because metal is so free from troublesome grain, because it is so ductile and easily shaped under certain conditions and so rigid under others, because it is so capable of pleasing effects of color and finish, and because of its relation to the natural sciences, it seems preeminently fitted to become one of the most popular of the materials of art expression in the schools, while at the same time serving as a medium for training in manual dexterity.
-The Manual Of Receipts | by Sidney Paine Johnston
Being a collection of formulae and processes for artisans, giving the composition of various alloys, amalgams, solders, bronzes, lacquers, varnishes, cements, etc., also data for the preservation and decoration of various metallic articles. Compiled from tbi files of the american artisan and various other sources.
-Art Adventures With Discarded Materials | by Evadna Kraus Perry
In this book you are here invited to look around you, recover those things that you have formerly thrown away and transform them. In the trash box and rag bag lie thrilling adventures and unsuspected happiness.
-Use Of Native Craft Materials | by Margaret Eberhardt Shanklin
Each chapter in this book contains information concerning the gathering, preparing, and use of the material as well as suggested adaptations. No patterns as such are given. The methods described are adapted to other materials which may be at hand in different localities of the country. The problems range from simple articles for younger craftsmen to the more advanced work of adolescents and adults. The articles made are the result of putting to artistic and useful purposes what would otherwise be wasted products.
-Electricity For Boys. The How-To-Do-It Books | by J. S. Zerbe
A working guide, in the successive steps of electricity, described in simple terms
-Soldering For Workshop, Farm And Home | by John Bonert
The purpose of this book is to help the boy or young man to acquire a knowledge of soldering, which will be an added accomplishment to whatever craft in which, he may be interested or engaged. There are probably some ideas contained herein which will be of benefit to the experienced man. The writer does not assume that soldering can be learned by reading this book, but with practice and the information imparted, the student will be delighted with his progress.
-Arts and Crafts Essays | by Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society
THE papers that follow this need no explanation, since they are directed towards special sides of the Arts and Crafts. Mr. Crane has put forward the aims of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society as an Exhibition Society, therefore I need not enlarge upon that phase of this book. But I will write a few words on the way in which it seems to me we ought to face the present position of that revival in decorative art of which our Society is one of the tokens.
-Feeling Better? Amusements and Occupations for Convalescents | by Cornelia R. Trowbridge
This book contains a collection of activates and crafts that can be conducted in leisure. These range from small handcrafts such as weaving or braiding to other entertaining skill development trick such as slight of hand magic.
-Arts & Crafts Magazine Vol1-2
A Practical Magazine For The Studio, The Workshop And The Home.
-Ladies Manual Of Art OR Profit and Pastime
In presenting to the public and our artistically inclined people our " Art Manual" we should do so with some trepidation had we not the assurance, in placing before them this work, that it would instantly win its way into their favor by its merits. Most books produced by the press of the present day are novels, compilations, scientific and theological ones, meeting as they do only certain classes, and are subjects which have been constantly before the people. We present you a "new book" in every sense of the word. We propose entering with our readers into the beautiful realms of Art, than which there is no more interesting subject; our object being its promotion and dissemination.
-Handicrafts For The Handicapped
In a former volume, "The Work of Our Hands," the authors have studied the advance which has been made along industrial lines in the hospitals and asylums of this country. The present volume is intended as a text book of a few crafts which have proved to be of special value to handicapped workers outside the institutions. The directions given are elaborate and detailed as far as possible so that the individual worker may be able to study out and practice a vocation for himself. The book will also be found of value to crafts workers who are dealing with handicapped labor in the various institutions; and in the private practice of physicians who realize that a patient at work is a patient half cured.
-Handicrafts In The Home | by Mabel Tuke Priestman
Parts of this book have already appeared in magazines, and I take this opportunity of thanking the Editors of American Homes and Gardens, The Delineator, The Designer, Harper's Bazaar (Harper & Brothers), Home Needlework Magazine, House Beautiful, The International Studio, and New Idea Women's Magazine, for their courtesy in allowing me to republish text or photographs which they have previously published.
-Everybody's Handicraft Handbook | by The Progress Press
This book contains information about many handicrafts that can be performed by everybody. All the methodologies are well explained and therefore little prior experience is required.
-Pueblo Crafts | by Ruth Underhill
This is the fifth volume in the series of books published by the Division of Education, Bureau of Indian Affairs setting forth in popular language what is known about Indian arts and crafts of specific areas. We have drawn freely from authorities and their writings in preparing the material. Much that will be found in these books has been previously published elsewhere.
-Creative Crafts For Campers | by Catherine T. Hammett and Carol M. Horrocks
In Creative Crafts for Campers the authors have attempted to present arts and crafts activities that grow from the outdoor living setting and situation, using basic arts and crafts media to develop "good" crafts for campers.
-Craft Projects For Camp And Playground | by National Recreation Association
As long as there are camps, playgrounds and recreation programs-and we hope that will be as long as civilization endures - there will be a continuing need for craft projects that do not require elaborate equipment. The average recreation director does not have a well-equipped craft room at his disposal, but this should not-nor does it-mean that he cannot offer a craft program. It is hoped that all the projects described here will be found both practical and enjoyable, and that this booklet will be a real addition to the camp or playground director's library.

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