Non-Corrosive Soldering Fluid

An economical non-corrosive soldering fluid is the following: Put any quantity of chloride of zinc in a bottle, fill it up with alcohol, and allow it to stand at least 48 hours, then carefully pour off the alcohol, mix it with an equal quantity of glycerine and shake. The zinc remaining in the bottle can be used until there is nothing left of it, since the alcohol which is poured off after 48 hours contains all the chloride of zinc which is necessary for good soldering.

New York. Herman Jonson.

Silver Solder For Brazing

Much difficulty arises in the use of brazing solder. The best alloy to use in brazing is the common silver solder. It has the advantages of a low melting point and toughness, which are not found to such a high degree in common brazing brasses composed of copper and zinc. The melting point of silver being lower than that of copper, and as it does not oxidize when heated, it is admirably adapted for use in brazing solder. The proper mixture for the solder consists of two parts fine silver filings and one part fine brass, which latter consists of 2 parts copper and 1 part zinc. T. E. O'Donnell.

Urbana, Ill.