Among the special planes used by the pattern maker, the rabbet plane, illustrated in Fig. 30, is the most important. The face of this plane is always flat and at right angler to the sides. It is used in working out square angles and come or laps as they are called in carpentry, and also for working lap joints, as shown in Fig. 31.

The Rabbet Plane 100130

Fig. 30.

The Rabbet Plane 100131

Fig. 31.

The skew-iron rabbet plane, in which the cutting edge of the plane-iron is set diagonally across the face of the plane, works much more smoothly and easily than one in which the iron is set at right angles to the side of the plane. The improved rabbet plane shown in Fig. 32 is fitted with depth gauge, and also with a spur cutter, both of which are often of great convenience to the workman. Rabbet planes are made in sizes ranging from inch to 1 inches in width. The 1-inch and l-inch are convenient sizes for general work.

The Rabbet Plane 100132

Fig. 32.