The bevel illustrated in Fig. 58, with the clamping screw in the end of the handle, is the most accurate and the most easily adjusted style of this indispensable tool. The blades are made from 6 to 12 inches in length, and have a slot in at one end, which admits of that end being adjusted to meet the requirements of the work.

Universal Type

The small bevel illustrated in Fig. 59, like the adjustable try-square, is not an expensive tool, and will be found generally useful, especially in working the draft on patterns, and in turning the parts of patterns on the wood lathe which cannot be reached with an ordinary bevel. The offset in the blade increases its capacity and usefulness, so that any angle, however slight, may be obtained.

Try Square with Bevel Eodod Blade.

Fig. 57. Try-Square with Bevel-Eodod Blade.

One 3-inch universal, and one 8-inch or 10-inch ordinary bevel, will meet all the requirements of the pattern maker for the beveled edges and surfaces and the draft of pattern work.