The ordinary woodworker's dividers can be bought in many forms, the most common being the screw-adjusting wing dividers shown in Fig. 63. This form is reliable, and is easily adjusted to the required distance between points. Moreover, when clamped by the thumbscrew, it is not liable to be altered by a slight blow in handling.

Common Wing Dividers.

Fig. 63. Common Wing Dividers.

Another and improved form is shown in Fig. 64, one leg of which is removable so that a pencil can be inserted. This will be found very convenient for marking and laying out work.

Brown and Sharpe Spring Joint Dividers.

Fig. 65. Brown and Sharpe Spring-Joint Dividers.

For spacing the teeth of gear wheels, and for other work in which great accuracy is required, a pair of 2 1/2-inch or 3-inch dividers, such as are shown in Fig. 65, will be found necessary.