Dividers, which are similar to compasses, are used to lay off distances on the drawing, either from a scale or from other parts of the drawing, Fig. 25. They are also used for dividing a line into equal parts. To do this turn the dividers in the opposite direction each time, i. e., move the point alternately to the right and to the left. The points of the dividers should be very sharp so that the holes made in the paper will be small, thus assuring accurate spacing. Compasses may be used as dividers by substituting for the pencil or pen point an extra steel point, usually furnished with the instrument. In place of dividers many draftsmen use a needle point. The needle, with the eye-end broken off, is forced into a handle of soft pine, making a convenient instrument for marking line intersections and distances.

Circular Socket with Set Screw.

Fig. 24. Circular Socket with Set Screw.


Fig. 25. Dividers.