There remain to be described a few tools, which, while necessary, are so common as hardly to require either illustration or description. Among these are the hammer, the best form of which for the pattern maker is shown in Fig. 73, and the mallet, of which the best form is shown in Fig. 74.

A mallet that is to be used on the handle of firmer chisels and other pattern-maker's tools, should not be made of hickory or of lignum-vitae, nor have hard-rubber or hard-fiber facing. Mallets thus made soon mar, splinter, and destroy the tool handles on which they are used. Beechwood and maple furnish the best material for mallet heads for the use of the woodworker who works in pine and other soft woods. It is true that the mallet head will not last so long if made of beech or maple wood, but the chisel and gouge handles will be protected, which is a matter of much greater importance.

Typical Pattern Maker's Hammer.

Fig. 73. Typical Pattern Maker's Hammer.


Fig. 74. Mallet.