The equalizer rings just referred to may now be designed. First a diagram is drawn showing the general shape and the points at which they are connected into the risers, Fig. 5. The details are next worked up, showing the exact form and all dimensions, Fig. 1. A note giving insulation data is added, the thickness being given as usual in mils or thousandths of an inch.

Assembly Drawing

From the above an assembly is developed, Fig. 6, showing the rings in place under the armature coils and supported by a ring attached to the armature spider. As in the case of the armature coils, the binding wires are shown and notes included giving number of turns, size of wire, stress on the bands, and tension on the wires.

Assembly Drawing 600142

Equalizer Ring Support

From the data already given in Fig. 6 and on Plate D, the support for the equalizer rings may now be drawn, Fig. 7. The principal dimensions are determined from the previous drawings and it only remains to work out the details, which need no explanation.