The accompanying sketch shows the principle of improved decker ovens, heated by steam, for baking bread. It should not be taken as a working drawing, as the erection of such ovens must not be undertaken without previous experience, or working to a maker's particulars. The ovens are heated by a row of tubes running from back to front, the back ends starting from the furnace flue as shown, whence they slope upwards. The tubes are each separate and have their ends welded up, but previous to being closed they are about one-fifth filled with water. The sloping position of the tubes causes the water to come where the heat is felt, with the result that the tubes get quickly filled with high-temperature steam. It will be noticed that the furnace comes at the rear of what may be considered the front of the ovens, and all stoking is done away from where the preparation and baking are done.

Baker's Steam heated Oven.

Baker's Steam-heated Oven.