Here is a design for a fancy panelled dog-kennel suitable for a room. The kennel may be about 20 in. long, 15 in. wide, and 14 in. high. Fig. 1 is a side elevation showing opening, Fig. 2 an end elevation, Fig. 3 a plan of the top, and Fig. 4 a cross section. Any strong wood may be used. The framing should be about fin. thick, the panels 3/8in., and the bottom 5/8 in. The top would require to be jointed, mitred, and tongned together. The framing could be rebated and the panels fixed from the back into the rebates. Moulding about lin. wide and mitred round as shown would improve the appearance.

Fancy Dog Kennel 993

Fig. I.

Fancy Dog Kennel 994

Fig. 3.

Fancy Dog Kennel 995

Fig. 2.

Fancy Dog kennel.

Fig. 4. Fancy Dog-kennel.