To make up flatting for calico to stand two or three coats, dry dead, and roll without cracking, take, say, 51b. white lead, 1 gill raw linseed oil, 1/2gill '-old size, 1/2 lb. patent driers, and as much turpentine as will thin for working purposes. Should the first coat dry with any shine on it, use less oil; a very little of a pigment will give any tint required. Two coats at least will he necessary. For the same in distemper use whiting and jelly size: first soak the whiting in water, then pour oil' all superfluous water, pouring in the hot size afterwards. To each pound of size add a pint of water; a little dry colour mixed with water to a thin paste may be added to give the tint required. Two coats must he applied.