When setting out a mitre block for mouldings meeting at right angles as shown at A (Fig. 4), it is only necessary to draw a square on the top block as shown at A B C D (Fig. 1), and then the diagonal AC is the mitre line. When the mouldings meet at an obtuse or acute angle, as B or C (Fig. 4), the better plan is to set out the mitre on a piece of board, as at Fig. 2. Smooth up a board and shoot the edge, then gauge a line about 1/2 in. (say) away from the edge and set out the required angle, as shown at FH G; now bisect this angle as shown, then HK is the mitre line. A bevel should now be set to the mitre line, as shown. and then applied to the mitre block. Reference to Fig.3o will make this quite clear.

Setting Out Mitre Lines 646

Fig. 1.

Setting Out Mitre Lines 647Setting Out Mitre Lines 648

Fig. 3.

Setting Out Mitre Lines.

Setting Out Mitre Lines.