Unbleached calico or drill sheeting is generally used for making overalls; all the seams should be double seam. For a dressing, really good boiled oil is perhaps the most durable, though some sailors prefer raw oil, but both take a long time to dry and are apt to become sticky. The following is safer for oilskins not in constant use: boiled oil 8 parts, turps 2 parts, and melted beeswax 1 part. Warm the oil, add the wax, stir in the turps, and apply warm. The first coat must be well rubbed in. In an hour or so wipe off any surplus that may have drained down to the lower edge. When thoroughly dry, add equal parts of boiled oil to the former mixture, and lampblack or ochre as desired. With this paint give the material two more coats, letting each dry thoroughly in a cool, shady place.