A small wheel carriage to be moved by hand; a species of barrow with two wheels; they are made in a great variety of forms, to adapt them to their peculiar objects, such as the moving of sacks, bags, casks, cases, lead, iron, copper, stone, etc. etc. To describe those simple, well-known machines, would be of little utility; we therefore confine our attention to a very ingeniously contrived truck, invented by Mr. S. W. Wright, and which is employed at the West India Dock Company's warehouses, for moving and stacking the sugar hogsheads in tiers; an operation previously performed by other mechanical means, and technically called "riding the hogsheads." a a a shows the frame of the truck, mounted upon four wheels, on which it runs; b b is the skid upon which the hogshead is raised into the position represented; c c d d are levers supporting the skid, and turning upon fulcrums at o o, to which are attached two toothed sectors e e, that are acted upon by two pinions fixed near to the ends of the axis f: this axis carries a click-box g, which is worked by a lever h attached to it: i is a ratchet-wheel onf, l & pall, acting on the same to prevent it receding; m a bent lever, for lifting by intermediate chains, the palls, and click, which allows the skid to descend to the level of the upper side of the frame a a; n is a handle for men to draw the truck.

There are two ratchet wheels, and two palls, though only one can be seen in the perspective view given.

A crane is employed to lift the hogsheads upon the truck; the latter is then wheeled off to the pile, where the hogshead is raised by alternately raising and depressing the lever h, which turning round the axis f, causes the pinions fixed upon it to raise the toothed sectors and levers that support the skid; a reaction being prevented by the palls falling into the teeth of the ratchet-wheels as they turn round. We object generally to an intermitting motion, where a continuous one can be applied; and we can see no difficulty in applying it in the present instance by the introduction of winches in the usual way. Notwithstanding the slight imperfections that may at present attach to this machine, it must be pronounced an original and effective contrivance; and so sensible (it was reported) were the directors of the establishment before mentioned of the advantages attending the use of the new truck in their warehouses, as to present the inventor with the sum of a thousand pounds, over and above the amount of their contract for a great many of the machines

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