The box stool or ottoman consists of a box without a bottom and with a stuffed lid, supported on knob feet. One is shown in Fig. 587. The box a is formed of 4 pieces of wood, 12-15 in. long, and 3 in. wide, dovetailed together. The top b is nailed on so as to cover the whole and overlap 1/2 in. all round; this supports the stuffing c covered by a piece of carpet or woolwork. The interior of the box is left empty. There is no complete bottom, but a wide strip of wood d is nailed all round the bottom edge of the sides, and into this are screwed the 4 knob feet e. A bead / may be run round in the angle between the strip d and the sides of the box. The stuffed top c may be made separately and afterwards attached by screws from the inside.