Chemists, Chemical Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Dyers, Distillers, Brewers, Sugar Refiners, Photographers, Students, etc., etc., by Thomas Bayley, Assoc. R. C. Sc. Ireland, Analytical and Consulting Chemist, Demonstrator of Practical Chemistry, Analysis, and Assaying, in the Mining School, Bristol, fourth edition, royal 32mo, roan, gilt edges, 5s.

Synopsis of Contents.

Atomic Weights and Factors - Useful Data - Chemical Calculations - Rules for Indirect Analysis - Weights and Measures - Thermometers and Barometers - Chemical Physics - Boiling Points, etc. - Solubility of Substances - Methods of obtaining Specific Gravity - Conversion of Hydrometers - Strength of Solutions by Specific Gravity - Analysis - Gas Analysis - Water Analysis - Qualitative Analysis and Reactions - Volumetric Analysis - Manipulation - Mineralogy - Assaying - Alcohol - Beer - Sugar - Miscellaneous Technological matter relating to Potash, Soda, Sulphuric Acid, Chlorine, Tar Products, Petroleum, Milk, Tallow, Photography, Prices, Wages, etc., etc.