1. Wind your watch as nearly as possible at same hour every day. 2. Be careful that the key is in good condition, as there is much danger of injuring the works when the key is worn or cracked; there are more main springs and chains broken through a jerk in winding than from any other cause, which injury will sooner or later be the result if the key be in bad order. 3. As all metals contract by cold and expand by heat, it must be manifest that to keep the watch as nearly as possible at one temperature, is a necessary piece of attention. 4. Keep the watch as constantly as possible in one position, that is, if it hangs by day let it hang by night, against something soft. 5. The hands of a pocket chronometer or duplex watch should never be set backwards; in other watches this a matter of no consequence. 6. The glass should never be opened in watches which set and regulate at the back. One or two directions more it is of vital importance that you bear in mind. On regulating a watch, should it be fast, move the regulator a trifle towards the slow; and if going slow, do the reverse; you cannot move the regulator too slightly or too gently at a time, and the only inconvenience that can arise is having to perform the operation more than once. On the contrary, if you move the regulator too much at a time, you will be as far, if not further than ever, from attaining your object, so that you may repeat the movement until quite tired and disappointed, stoutly blaming both watch and watchmaker, while the fault is entirely your own. Again, you cannot be too careful in respect of the nature and condition of your watch-pocket; see that it be made of something soft and pliant, such as wash-leather, which is the best, and also that there be no flue or nap that may be torn off when taking the watch out of the pocket. Cleanliness, too, is as needful here as in the key before winding; for, if there be dust or dirt in either instance, it will, you may rely upon it, work its way into the watch, as well as wear away the engine-turning of the case.