Sticky or adhesive fly-papers are to be discouraged, as it is a cruelty to subject even flies to the long struggles and slow death caused by it. Such papers, however, are occasionally sold, and are prepared by coating paper with factitious bird-lime. Or the bird-lime is smeared upon wooden sticks standing in a base, for instance, a flower-pot, when they will adhere to it. A better plan is to mix some poison with the adhesive mass, but care should be taken lest children get at it. Cooley gives the following formula: Treacle, honey, or moist sugar mixed with about l-12th of their weight of orpinient (yellow tersulphide of arsenic). Kedwood's formula is: Small quassia chips, 1/4oz.; water, 1 pint; boil 10 minutes, strain, and add 4 oz. of treacle. Flies will drink this with avidity, and are soon destroyed by it.