The raising of silkworms has recently become, in this country, a favorite pursuit with amateurs. The following method of utilizing these interesting insects and of producing an article that will always be in considerable demand can not fail to be of value to many of our readers.

To manufacture fine gut for angling take the best and largest silkworms you can procure, just when they are about to spin, which may be known by their refusing to eat, and having a fine silk thread hanging from their mouths. The worms must first be thrown into strong vinegar, and kept there covered close for twelve hours, if the summer be warm; or fifteen hours in cooler weather. When taken out they must be pulled asunder, and you will see two transparent guts of a greenish yellow color, as thick as a small straw, bent double, the rest of the inside resembling boiled spinach. You can make no mistake. If you find the guts soft, or break upon stretching them, you must let them he longer in the vinegar. When fit to draw out, stretch it gently with both hands till of a proper length, or nearly so. The gut drawn out must be fastened on a thin piece of board by putting each end in a slit made at the ends of the board. It is now to be placed in the sun to dry.

It would seem that the character of the vinegar has a great influence upon the quality of the product. It must be pure and strong. That made from grape wine seems to succeed best, but further experiment is needed in this direction.