There are various methods of making copies of patterns on paper, the simplest perhaps being the use of the tracing paper described on another page.

When a few duplicates of patterns for embroidery are required, they may be very easily made by hand as follows:

The drawing is made upon paper; then lay the drawing upon an even cloth, and perforate all the lines with a tine needle, close and even. Then take finely powdered charcoal, three parts, resin one part in fine powder; mix and tie it in a piece of porous calico, so that it forms a dusting bag. Lay the perforated drawing upon your material, hold down with one hand, rub the dusting-bag over the drawing; the dust will fall through the holes and form the drawing on the material. Remove the paper drawing, lay blotting-paper over the dust pattern, and go over it with a warm flat iron The heat will melt the resin and fix the drawing on the material.