Varnish For Violins And Similar Articles

Sandarach, 6 oz.; mastic, 3 oz.; turpentine varnish, one-half pint; alcohol 1 gallon. Keep in a tight tin can in a warm place until the gums are dissolved.

Varnish For Replacing Turpentine And Linseed Oil Paints

Fr. Theis, of Bissendorf, prepares a varnish consisting of 100 parts of resin, 20 parts of crystallized carbonate of soda, and 50 parts of water, by heating these substances together and mixing them with a solution of 24 parts of strong liquor ammonia in 250 parts of water. With the mass thus obtained the pigments are levigated without the addition of linseed oil or turpentine; the paint dries readily without the aid of a drier and looks veiy well, especially when varnished. The paint keeps well, even under water, and becomes very hard.

The cost is said to be about one-third that of ordinary oil paints.

White, Hard Varnish For Wood Or Metal

Mastic, 2 oz.; sandarach, 8 oz.; elemi, 1 oz.; Strasbourg or Scio turpentine, 4 oz.; alcohol, 1 quart.

White Varnish For Paper, Wood Or Linen

Sandarach, 8 oz.; mastic, 2 oz.; Canada balsam, 4 oz.; alcohol, 1 quart.

White Spirit Varnish

Rectified spirit, 1 gallon; gum sandarach, 2 1/2 lbs. Put these ingredients into a tin bottle, warm gently and shake till dissolved. Then add a pint of pale turpentine varnish.

Parisian Varnish For Wood

To prepare a good varnish for fancy woods, dissolve one part of good shellac in three to four parts of alcohol of 92 per cent, in a water-bath, and cautiously add distilled water until a curdy mass separates out, which is collected and pressed between linen; the liquid is filtered through paper, all the alcohol removed by distillation from the water bath, and the resin removed and dried at 100° centigrade until it ceases to lose weight; it is then dissolved in double its weight of alcohol of at least 96 per cent., and the solution perfumed with lavender oil.

Varnish For Stained Wood

A solution of four ounces of sandarac, one ounce gum mastic, and four ounces shellac, in one pound of alcohol, to which two ounces oil of turpentine is added, can be recommended as a varnish over stained woods.