Polished articles of steel or iron must be first cleansed in a boiling solution of caustic lye, and rubbed with pumice dust, which scratches the polish slightly, and thus produces a better hold for the metals afterwards to be deposited. They are then rapidly passed through a bath composed of 1 qt. water, 12 oz. hydrochloric acid, 4 oz. sulphuric acid, rinsed in cold water, and plunged .into the plating solution. Carefully avoid substituting nitric acid for the hydrochloric or sulphuric acid, of the above acid bath. Iron and steel may be well gilt, without an intermediary coat, in hot gilding bath's. Silvering directly upon steel or iron is always imperfect and without adherence; it is therefore customary to interpose a coat of copper or brass, which renders the further operation of silver plating easy.