(1) Fast, 110 lb. cotton yarns. - Dissolve 22 lb. catechu, and 2 lb. 3 oz. blue vitriol (sulphate of copper), in boiling water; steep for 1 hour in the boiling hot" liquid; lift, drain, and then dye at a boil in 3 lb. 4 oz. bichromate of potash in fresh water; rinse, and dry.

(2) Fast Red, 11 Lb

Boil 2 lb. 3 oz. good cutch in water; let it settle; dissolve in the clear liquid 3 1/2 oz. blue vitriol. Work the yarns for 1 hour at 212° F. (100° 0.); wring out, and make up a fresh boiling beck with 4 1/2 oz. chromate of potash. Work for 1/4 hour, and rinse. Boil 3 1/4 lb. sumach in water; work the yarn in the liquid for 1/4 hour at 190° F. (88°C); lift; dissolve in the liquid 2f oz. tin crystals. Enter again, work for 1/4 hour, and wring out. Make up a fresh beck with 2 lb. 3 oz. peach-wood, and 8f oz. alum, and work in this for 1 hour at 99° F. (37° C).

(3) Dark, 60 Lb

Boil 18 lb. cutch, and 2 lb. blue vitriol, until dissolved. Add this to a hot water; give 3 turns, and let steep all night. Give one turn in the morning, and wring up. Dissolve 2 lb. chrome; add this to a hot water; give 2 turns, and wring up. Boil 2 lb. fustic extract and 2 lb. logwood extract till dissolved; add this to a hot water; give 4 turns, and lift; add 4 qt. copperas, and give 3 turns more. Wash in cold water, and dry.

(4) Light Blonde

Boil 6 lb. cutch and 6 oz. blue vitriol till all is dissolved. Add this to a hot water; give the yarn 3 turns; let steep all night; give 1 turn more in the morning, and wring up. Add 1 lb. alum to a hot water; give 3 turns, and lift. Boil 1/2 lb. turmeric and 1/2 lb. extract of logwood together, and add this to the same liquor. Give 4 turns; wash in cold water, and dry.

(5) Bismarck, 100 Lb

Steep the yarns overnight in a decoction of 20 lb. sumach. Wring, and pass into a boiling bath, containing the colour previously dissolved in boiling water.

For darker shades, pass the cotton from the sumach beck into a cold beck of 6 lb. copperas, and let steep for 1/2 hour; rinse, and return to the sumach beck for 1/2 hour, and dye as above.

(6) Cinnamon, 10 Lb

Take through a catechu beck, marking 4° Tw., at a heat of about 180° F. (82° C); give about 4 turns. Enter into a chrome beck at 1 1/2° Tw.; give 3 to 4 turns and wash. Enter into a water containing 30 gal. fustic liquor; give 3 to 4 turns, run off, and make up a fresh beck with 35 gal. sapan liquor and 1/4 lb. annatto, previously dissolved. Give 3 to 4 turns; lift; add to the beck 1 gal. alum solution at 8° Tw.; give 3 to 4 turns; lift, rinse, and dry.

(7) Madder, for 10 pieces of 60 yd. each. - Pad the cloth in 6 gal. red liquor and 1 gal. iron liquor, to which about 6 gal. water have been added. Dry, and age for about 24 hours, when it is ready for dyeing. Run the pieces now through boiling water, in which chalk is suspended. Wash in the fly, rinse, and enter into a dye beck of 40 lb. bark, and 20 lb. madder. Dye for 1 hour at 170° F. (77° C.); wash and finish. Yarns may be dyed in a similar manner.

Chocolate, 11 Lb

Work the yarn for 1/2 hour at 167° F. (75° C.) in a beck of 8 3/4 oz. prepared catechu; lift, and take 5 to 7 times through a fresh beck at the same heat, made up with 11/4 oz. chromate of potash. Lift, and top in a fresh beck with 1/10 oz. magenta, 16 gr. extract of indigo.

Claret, 11 lb. yarns. - Make up a beck with 17 1/4 oz. prepared catechu, and work the yarns in it for 1 hour. Wring, and steep for 1/2 hour in a hot beck of 6 1/4 oz. chromate of potash; take through cold water, and wash for 1/2 hour in a beck of 3 1/4 lb. sumach at 190° F. (88° C). Dye in a cold beck with 1 3/4 oz. magenta, lift, add to the beck 8 3/4 oz. alum and the decoction of 2 1/4 lb. logwood. Enter again, work in the cold beck; lift, and add, according to shade, 1/3 to 1 3/4 oz. chromate of potash; re-enter, and work to shade.